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chocolate covered PB rice cakes

New sweet treat obsession! These peanut butter rice cakes are made with a thin smear of peanut butter and a drizzle of melted dark chocolate topped with a sprinkle of sea salt. They taste similar to a candy bar, somewhat reminiscent of a crunch bar.

This is also a fairly well balanced snack with fiber from the rice cake, protein and healthy fat from the peanut butter, and minerals like iron and magnesium from the dark chocolate! Try the recipe below.


1 plain brown rice cake

1 tbsp peanut butter

1 tbsp melted dark chocolate

1 tsp coconut oil

pinch of sea salt


1. spread a thin layer of peanut butter onto rice cake

2. microwave dark chocolate until it’s thin enough to pour (as always, option to add a small amount of coconut oil to help thin out the chocolate)

3. drizzle dark chocolate over peanut butter rice cake until the top is fully coated

4. sprinkle sea salt over rice cake and place into the freezer for 20-30 mins

5. take out of the freezer and enjoy!

prep time: 30 mins

nutrition: 230 calories, 6g protein, 13g carbohydrate, 17g fat, 3g fiber

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