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peach, walnut, and honey ricotta toast

I’m just gonna say it - ricotta toast is the new avocado toast. We all love an avocado toast and know there are 50 ways to make it, but ricotta toast is just as versatile. You can make it savory with mushrooms and fresh herbs, or make it sweet with fruit and honey! An added bonus is that ricotta has more protein than avocado (8g protein in 1/4 cup of ricotta vs 1g protein in 1/4 cup avocado), so if you’re choosing to have just that for a snack or a meal then ricotta toast would be a little more balanced!

To be honest I’m just a toast girl in general but holy smokes this one is delicious.


1 slice whole wheat toast

1/2 pear, sliced thinly lengthwise

1/4 cup ricotta cheese

1 tbsp crushed walnuts

1 tsp honey

2-3 fresh basil leaves

sprinkle of sea salt

1. toast 1 slice of bread

2. spread a layer of ricotta cheese onto toast and add a sprinkle of sea salt

3. top with sliced pears and add a drizzle of honey

4. sprinkle with walnuts and top with basil, and enjoy!

prep time: 10 mins

nutrition info: 300 calories, 14g protein, 34g carbohydrate, 10g fat, 6g fiber

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