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dragonfruit smoothie

After my yoga class today I was craving a cold fruit smoothie. AND fun fact: I used to work at a smoothie place so I do know a thing or two about making a yummy smoothie! I used frozen blackberry, fresh mango, peeled cucumber, dragonfruit powder, and hemp seeds for a little protein.

Smoothies are a great to way get in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber. These are compounds found in plants, so if you struggle to eat fruit and/or vegetables with all meals and snacks you could consider including a daily smoothie to gets these benefits!

Make sure to add a source of protein to your smoothie for balance. Some of my favorites include greek yogurt, nut butter, hemp seeds, and protein powder.

And just look at that color from the dragonfruit! 💕 Try the recipe below.


1 cup frozen blackberries

3/4 cup fresh mango

1/2 peeled cucumber

2 tbsp dragonfruit powder (I used Nature Restore)

1 tbsp hemp seeds

2-3 fresh mint leaves


1. add blackberries, mango, cucumber, hemp seeds and dragonfruit to a blender

2. pulse until fully blended to one thin consistency

3. pour into a glass, garnish with mint leaves and enjoy!

prep time: 10 mins

nutrition: 335 calories, 9g protein, 50g carbohydrate, 6g fat, 11g fiber

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